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Last updated: 2022-08-14 00:10:18

A historical journey of Jamaican ceramics
Jamaican Ceramics: A Historical and Contemporary Survey is a refreshingly comprehensive examination of the development of ceramics from pre-history to today. This visually rich, exciting, and authoritative book is an unprecedented survey that...

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Today's Issue Published: Sunday, August 14, 2022
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No confidence

As Jamaica struggles to solve its crime conundrum, a staggering 93 per cent of Jamaicans say they have little or no confidence in the countrys minister of national security. That no-confidence motion was also moved against Jamaicas police...

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Back Road blow

It has been condemned and cauterised by the authorities multiple times, and on every occasion, unscrupulous persons have ripped open the ‘no-entry tapes, and made the abandoned premises theirs for business and pleasure. It is the abandoned Inez...

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From the streets to the stage

WESTERN BUREAU: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for his mother, who struggled to make ends meet with him and his siblings, forced 23-year-old Jevaughn Rosewell to voluntarily leave a secure roof over his head in favour of living on the streets to take the...

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Wisynco creates new role for Sean Scott as Deputy CEO

Sean Scott is leaving his job as CEO of Canopy Insurance to take on a new role as deputy CEO of the Wisynco Group Limited, another step in the succession planning of the multigenerational beverage and consumer products business. Scott has headed...

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Marjorie Whylie keeping the beat for six decades

Whenever the stories of drumming are chronicled in Jamaicas musical landscape, the name Marjorie Whylie is likely to come up. Not only has she committed to playing the pulsating instrument – among other instruments, including the piano – from her..

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Editorial | Who paid the PR bill is important
There are tinges of the Manatt affair, which will titillate people who like intrigue, in the mystery of who hired, and paid the bill for, the high-powered American public relations firm that helped Kamina Johnson Smith in her ultimately failed bid...

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Lady Rennae goes digital: Reflecting on life's journey on and off the air

Sending positive vibrations over the airwaves was a natural calling for one of Jamaicas most beloved radio hosts, Lady Rennae. The vibrant newcomer-turned-veteran showstopper went above and beyond the call of duty in traditional media, sharing her...

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In Focus

Theresa Rodriguez-Moodie | Deep sea mining not worth the risk

Scientists today know more about space than about the deep sea. This ecosystem is the largest on the planet, comprising over 90 per cent of the marine environment. In 1970, the deep sea was declared the ‘Common Heritage of Mankind to be preserved...

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Art & Leisure

India at 75 – evolution of the national flag

Every country has stories to tell, paths of history that it has walked on, and foundations upon which its future is built. A countrys flag, is a symbol of its freedom and identity, and its inherent value systems – the Indian tricolour encapsulates...

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Honda BR-V, built for people

With gas prices soaring higher each day, automotive manufacturers have been noticing a growing demand for more multipurpose vehicles (MPVs). These are usually seven seaters that place an emphasis on carrying a lot of persons in a comfortable manner...

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