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Last updated: 2020-05-31 00:35:20

Daniel Thwaites | Its the knees that give out
I know Peter Phillips to be an exceptionally decent man with expansive ideas about and for Jamaica. So when he assumed financial direction of the nation in 2012, despite the extraordinarily difficult circumstances, I expected great things. He...

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Today's Issue Published: Sunday, May 31, 2020
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Rift rocks PNP! - Party throws support behind Phillips as Bunting backers ignite political dynamite

GOVERNOR GENERAL Sir Patrick Allen could be asked to exercise his authority under Section 80 (5) of the Jamaican Constitution and appoint a new Opposition leader if Manchester Central Member of Parliament Peter Bunting and his supporters head to...

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BRIGADE ON FIRE - 14 officers drag Gov't to court after JFB board rescinds promotions, claiming they were appointed illegally

Fourteen firefighters on the cusp of major career moves in April 2018 following news of their promotion had their celebrations cut short as three days after the announcement, the decisions were rescinded by a board, which claimed that the then fire...

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DAMION LOWE: It's our time now

National defender Damion Lowe says that Jamaica is no longer content with just being another difficult adversary in the region, but rather to challenge consistently for Concacaf supremacy. The 27-year-old Lowe was speaking on Thursday in a wide-...

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Companies seeing red - Fincos rack up multibillion-dollar losses under double whammy of COVID and IFRS

In good times when markets are bullish, companies that hold stocks and bonds tend to report solid earnings, but when the market goes south, so can their bottom lines under the much-maligned accounting Rule 9 of the International Financial Reporting...

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Entertainment suffers $26-billion COVID hit - Minister Grange says reopening sector too early could prove detrimental

The Jamaican Government has indicated that it will be taking a cautious approach in the reopening of the entertainment industry, which has taken a $26-billion hit since the sector was locked down in March to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus...

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Editorial | Ramrodding of fiscal amendment unfortunate
In the face of the recession caused by COVID-19, sensible people would hardly demur to the need for the Government to relax its fiscal targets, including the 2026 timeline for lowering the national debt to 60 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP...

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In Focus

Mark Wignall | Clarke whips Phillips in political Verzuz

Political debates are hardly ever the stuff that those 40 and younger are even remotely interested in following. But add some spice and fireworks to it, and a new Verzuz is immediately generated. Finance Minister Nigel Clarke is young, handsome,...

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Art & Leisure

British - a market locked in history

This is a piece of history that one has to traverse on a long, winding and rocky road to reach. The road takes a path that was chiselled out on the face of the mountain by slaves. Nestled in the lush mountainous expanse of north-eastern Clarendon...

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Auto Review: Macan

Recently, I have been doing a lot of reviews on compact crossover SUVs due to the interest they have been receiving in our market. Size-wise, they fit into most spots around town, and because they are smaller than mid-size SUVs, they are usually...

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