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Williams : Everything happens for a reason
Birmingham, England: KIMBERLEY WILLIAMS finished second in the Triple Jump at the Birmingham leg of the IAAF Diamond League with a distance of 14.44m on Sunday. Her teammate Shanieka Ricketts placed sixth with a distance of 14.00m. Having failed to...

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Today's Issue Published: Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Stop complaining! - Chinese ambassador chides local professionals, players who want MOU halted

Halt the "ill-conceived" agreement that guarantees Chinese investors US$1 million in the Government Oval project, local construction players are demanding of the Government in an intensification of their lobby against the deal.It comes as the...

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Growth & Jobs | Why stocks make sense now

A low interest rate environment has made the stock market a more appealing option for investors, says Jermaine Deans, deputy general manager at JN Fund Managers Ltd (JNFM).Jamaicans have grown accustomed to high interest rates, and, by extension,...

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We lack depth! - Track and field experts say talent pool too small to exclude coaches

Two of Jamaica's most respected voices in track and field believe that the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) must do more to manage the conduct of coaches and athletes on national duty overseas.Since the 2017 IAAF World...

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Big jury award in lawsuit linking talcum powder to cancer

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US filmmaker makes directorial debut with 'Bruk Out!'

"At first glance, people who are uninitiated into dancehall see it as a sexual thing. And it is. You can't really divorce it from sexuality. But it's almost transcending and making sexuality so aggressive that it's giving all the power back to the...

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Editorial | Does Mr Quallo have it in him?
George Quallo is, presumably, a competent police officer. He has, thus far, fallen short as a leader. And he bombed at reprising Houdini and at being a chameleon and a shape-shifting snake-oil salesman.Where does that leave Mr Quallo? That same...

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Letter of the Day | Come clean on FLA, Mr Bunting

THE EDITOR, Sir:The recent firestorm over the corrupt activities at the Firearm Licensing Authority (FLA), which led to the firing of the board, has taken on more twists than a soap opera. Needless to say, the hapless...

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Something Extra | Tuesday

Dr Deborah Hickling celebrated her love for Carl Gordon, tying the knot in a very intimate ceremony at the Webster memorial Church over the weekend. Today, we give a little SOMETHING EXTRA of the love that was celebrated....

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Jamaica Producers Group & Seaboard Marine support University Hospital as it modernizes its Intensive Care Unit

Shipping Association of Jamaica member companies Jamaica Producers Group and Seaboard Marine recently partnered to make a much-needed improvement to the University Hospital of the West Indies...

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Barcelona fugitive shot dead had knives, wore fake bomb belt

SUBIRATS, Spain (AP):The lone fugitive from the Spanish cell that killed 15 people in and near Barcelona was shot to death yesterday after he flashed what turned out to be a fake suicide belt at two troopers who confronted him in a vineyard just...

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