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Missing PNP pictures
Missing pictures at the top, then the three you ask me to resize and last the three you asked me to check.

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Today's Issue Published: Wednesday, February 10, 2016
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Peace pledge - Supporters embrace in unity but nomination day marred by violence
In constituencies across the island, Jamaicans came out in their numbers yesterday to show support for the 152 political candidates seeking to be elected to Parliament in just over two weeks. In many constituencies, there were signs of unity, with...

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2011 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTCONSTITUENCY TOTALSDr Christopher Tufton 9,440Hugh Buchanan 9,453Voter turnout: 68.41 per cent of 27,710Ballots rejected: 63When Hugh Buchanan won South West St Elizabeth on a People's National Party (PNP) ticket in 2011...

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Windies Impasse ... Players reject pay cut ahead of T20 World Cup
A year and half after the regional team called off a tour to India, there is fresh controversy in West Indies cricket as the players are now opposed to a pay...

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Noranda to continue mining in Jamaica amid bankruptcy
Noranda Aluminum Holding Corporation will continue its bauxite mining operations in Jamaica amid filing for bankruptcy protection in the United States.The Chapter 11 filing in St Louis announced on Monday also involved a plan to secure up to US$165...

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BBC 1XTra Features Jamaican Female Artistes
FOR THE last three years, and previously, a team from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), under the banner of BBC 1XTra, has been making the trip to Jamaica, “to recharge their musical battery”. This year, one of the focus is on...

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Editorial: Stupidity laid bare
Jamaica's politics, too often, seems to give awful maladies to its practitioners. Many appear to take leave of what, or what little, good sense they may have possessed and appear to develop a proclivity for stand-up comedy, oblivious to the gravity...

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Letter of the Day: Stop the hypocrisy!
THE EDITOR, Sir:The 2015 development order for the Negril and Green Island area allows the removal of beach sand in only "exceptional circumstances" and then only for "reuse in the [same] area". This order has clearly been...

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Something Extra - Wednesday
Hump day is here and we have a savoury treat for your our dear readers, highlights from the Making the Cut event at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel recently.

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Carbon monoxide poisoning - What you need to know
Last week, the country experienced the tragedy of a mother and her two children in St Mary dying from carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide poisoning rarely happens by accident in a warm country like Jamaica, where homes and other buildings are...

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