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Last updated: 2015-07-05 12:43:18

Four arrested in Mandeville after police raid
Four people were arrested in Mandeville, Manchester following a raid by the police yesterday. The police say the operation is part of an ongoing investigation into breaches of the Proceeds of Crime Act. The police's Corporate Communications Unit...

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Today's Issue Published: Sunday, July 5, 2015
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‘I forgave my rapist!' - Slow justice system frustrates victims into abandoning cases
He stole her innocence, caused her to leave her community and destroyed her trust in people, but when it was time for her church brother and neighbour to be prosecuted for raping her, Pamela* did the unexpected. She begged the judge to let him go...

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Freeze it and stay cool!
Jamaicans turn to frozen sheets and wet beds to beat the heat at nights.With no respite from the sweltering heat that is blanketing sections of the island day and night, some Jamaicans are adopting extreme measures to cool down.The Sunday Gleaner...

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Shelly, Asafa sizzle with 100m wins at Paris Diamond League
PARIS, France:She might as well be running in a power suit and heels given the workman-like tone of her season. And he probably needs a cape, as he looks more and more like Jamaica's likely saviour in the men's 100 metres at next month's IAAF World...

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Digicel correct in refusing INDECOM subscriber data - Court
Telecommunications provider Digicel Jamaica was correct in refusing to provide call data and subscriber details to the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) because it did not specify that it was investigating a criminal offence, the...

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One-day conference held on International Reggae Day
Last Wednesday, International Reggae Day (IRD) was celebrated across the globe, with events in Miami, Ft Lauderdale and New York (USA), Honolulu (Hawaii), Bombay (India), as well as London (England), Rio (Brazil), Mexico City, and Madrid (Spain).The...

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Editorial: Wanted: a minister for water
Jamaica is into its annual convulsion over drought and the restrictions on water supplies by the near-monopoly supplier of the commodity, the government-owned National Water Commission (NWC). The country will, of course, muddle through this latest...

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In Focus

Holy war over gay marriage
An intense, bitter and deepening war of words has erupted since the US Supreme Court's decision to allow gay marriage in America. Reason is the biggest casualty.Opponents of gay marriage, largely religious people, are busily quoting the Bible,...

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Sticking to the basics
While the manual transmission (commonly called stick shift) is a rarity on vehicles currently being imported into the island, save for some pick-ups, two driving schools maintain that learning to change the gears is still relevant to the learning...

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Oral sex made him sick
Q Doctor, I'm in need of your help badly. I am a 30-year-old female, and I recently met a guy, and we hit it off right away. We had oral sex on two occasions.The first time, it was OK. But after the second time, he sent me a text...

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Greek day of decision
ATHENS, Greece (AP):Whether Greeks decide in today's referendum to accept their lenders' bailout deal or reject it, the government's hold on power may be shakier than its brash prime minister has calculated, analysts say.Prime Minister Alexis...

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